What are the Costs Involved with Selling a Home?

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If you’re thinking about selling your home in Douglas County, Denver County, Arapahoe County or Jefferson County, keep in mind that putting your home on the market comes with its own costs.

Typically, the largest cost for sellers will be real estate commissions. However, if you hire a reputable listing agent, that agent will most likely earn his/her fee back, and then some, handling all the phases and complexities of the transaction.

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Assist-2-Sell is a full service discount real estate company. Other companies that discount their commission usually do so by taking away services. If they charge less, they are going to do less. Some “Limited Service/Discounted Commission” companies charge upfront fees.

Others are Internet-based and may only offer placement of the house in the MLS and rely on the MLS-selling broker to handle the entire transaction. While these models do have some appeal, Assist-2-Sell has found they are not a solution for the majority of home sellers who want and need full-service but don’t want to pay a high commission.

Assist-2-Sell offers homeowners all of the services they might find at a “traditional” real estate company, but for a low, flat fee. Selling your home at a reduced commission with Assist-2-Sell can help you sell your home faster and at a substantial savings!

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Benefits of Selling Your Home with an Agent

An experienced agent knows the market and is an expert at selling houses. Without an agent, you could under price or overprice your home, which could ultimately cost you more than an agent charges. Trying to figure out pricing, contracts, marketing, showings, negotiations, inspections, and more without an agent can be overwhelming at best.

An experienced listing agent can help with all of the above as well as sell your home quicker and for the most amount of money!  According to the National Association of REALTORS, sellers earn about 20% more by hiring a professional REALTOR® over selling a home by owner.   

How the Market can Affect Seller Costs

In a seller’s market, you may be able to ask a buyer to take on more of the closing costs than what a buyer would normally pay –  You might have multiple buyers who are interested in buying your home. On the flip side in a buyer’s market, you might offer to pay some of the buyer’s closing costs in order to make your home more attractive to a buyer to purchase.

Expenses to Expect at Closing

Most of what you’ll be paying at closing will come out of the sale.  Although your actual fees may vary, the following costs and fees are considered typical debits to the seller and charged against the sales price. Third-party fees for items such as title policies, escrow companies or real estate commissions will depend on the vendor selected.

Fees and costs typically charged to the seller:

  • Escrow (can include a basic escrow handling charge, document preparation fee and notary fee)
  • Recording fees
  • Transfer fees
  • Pest inspections & pest completion costs
  • Natural hazard disclosure
  • Home warranty
  • Roof certification
  • Repair costs (buyer credit for request for repair work)
  • Buyers closing cost credit (negotiable sum agreed upon in purchase contract)
  • Other buyer credits (mortgage buydowns or other fees paid on the buyer’s behalf as part of the purchase contract)
  • Real property taxes (proration due if the taxes have not yet been paid)
  • HOA docs and transfers
  • Real estate commissions
  • Loan payoffs & beneficiary demands
  • Title insurance for owner’s policy
  • Delivery or courier fees
  • Wire fee (wiring net profits to seller’s bank)

Net Profit on the Sale of Your Home

To figure net profit on the sale of your home, first add up all the charges to determine the total amount of debits. Then add the sales price to the credit prorations. Next, subtract the credit from the debit – The balance leftover is your net profit on the sale.

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Art Valentine & Matt Hornung, Licensed Professional Realtors®

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